Our inclusive salon shines at cut and finish, balayage, lived-in ready-to-wear hairstyles, curly hair, and vibrant colours.

We provide exceptional hair and make-up services with the highest level of customer satisfaction doing everything we can to meet your expectations.

Sunny Hair Salon - Born To Give you Care

Sunny Hair Boutique is a cosy and luxurious hair salon based in SW London. We pride ourself on attentive care, brought to you by an expert team of hair stylists. At Sunny Hair Boutique, we offer a tailored and personalised hair care approach to deliver an exclusive yet affordable experience. Sunny Hair Boutique‘s team is here to greet each client in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We care. We care about you. We care about our staff and about our suppliers. In fact, we recruit employees based on their people's skills. Technical skills can be taught, kindness can't. We look after our staff so they can look after you. We have a very simple motto: "treat others as you would like to be treated".

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LADIES Hair Styling

We make sure you feel welcome

At Sunny Hair Salon, we can help you with all of your hair care needs! From cut and styling, to colour, highlights, hair care treatments, and more. We believe every woman deserves beautiful, healthy hair.
Services Type
Cut / Finish from
£ 32.00
Wash / Blowdry from
£ 25.00
Perm from
£ 75.00
Setting Perm from
£ 150.00
Yoko Straightening from
£ 180.00
Nano from
£ 150.00
Tint (Re-Growth) from
£ 55.00
Full Colour from
£ 75.00
T Section from
£ 55.00
Half Highlights from
£ 65.00
Full Highlights from
£ 85.00
Balayage from
£ 110.00
mens Hair Styling

Professional Gentleman’s Styling

A haircut by a specialist stylist at Sunny Hair Salon offers far more than a regular. You are safe in the hands of fully qualified hair stylists trained in full hairdressing and not just basic barbering techniques. All of this results in a haircut that lasts longer, grows out better and above all suits the client’s features, style and life.

A variety of techniques will then be used including scissor over comb and clipper to ensure a high-end haircut is the end result whether it is modern or classic in style. Suitable finishing products will also be applied and any hair styling tips or advice will be passed on.

A simple shampoo and condition, hair dry and a little product applied can be all you need to look fresh and ready for the night ahead. One grade clipper cut is also available for a more clean-cut look.
Services Type
Cut / Finish
£ 20.00
Tint from
£ 55.00
Highlight from
£ 65.00
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kids Hair Styling

Children's Hair Salon

Sunny Hair Salon is the perfect destination for children to enjoy some fun time during a haircut that will add to their happy days. We offer services such as baby's first haircuts, toddler haircuts, kid's haircuts, children's haircuts, teen haircuts, mummy and daddy haircuts. With our experienced team, your child will feel refreshed with their beautiful styled hair in our salon. We use chemical-free products, keeping in mind the safety of your child. We look forward to meeting you and your children!
0 - 5 years old
£ 15.00
6 - 10 years old
£ 20.00
11 - 14 years old
£ 25.00
0 - 9 years old
£ 14.00
10 - 14 years old
£ 18.00